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Chef Jackie & husband

We're all Together 

Thanks to my mom, my childhood was surrounded by the power of food bringing people together. Saturday mornings were filled with the smell of fresh baked bread, Sunday afternoons with sizzling church barbeques, weeknights with the warmth of family dinners, and every holiday called for feasts and entertaining. From the beginning, I found joy helping my mom in the kitchen. 

With this love, I entered the restaurant industry at 18 and took on every position for the next 20 years. I went to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu, spent time honing skills at The Four Seasons in Ireland and Beverly Hills, and managed kitchens in L.A. I began experimenting with curious combinations, different techniques and cuisines, and pushed food biases. Within that crazy whirlwind, I married the love of my life, who not only supported my dream to one day open a restaurant, but wanted to build it with me--and not just be my official taste-tester. 

My husband and I have separate food allergies and dietary restrictions, which makes eating out, even with the diversity of L.A cuisine, difficult and at times overwhelming. We knew we were not the only ones who struggled to find relatively accessible, nutritious, and flavorful food that met all our needs, especially when hangry! We agreed that when you aren't getting something, do it yourself. 

If my childhood taught me anything, it is that food is what brings us together, it should never divide. And yet how often do you find yourself struggling to find something everyone wants? Or are you bored with the only three places around that you can go to? Well, with our powers combined (me having all this culinary knowledge and knowing every position in the restaurant industry, and my husband's robust business and management skill set), we've made sure that our menu truly does have something for everyone and creates that memorable experience we were searching for. 

With a healthy and fresh approach, I put the focus on flavor with inclusivity in mind. At our table, meat eaters and vegans are welcome. Pescatarians can dine with vegetarians. Carb lovers can sit with friends who are gluten-free. We’re here to bring the continents of tastes together for a decadent experience that feels like an adventure.

Welcome to our fusion inclusion, come taste the world! We're all together. 

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